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The LA ADU Accelerator Program

What is the LA ADU Accelerator Program?

The LA ADU Accelerator Program partners with homeowners to rent their accessory dwelling units (ADU) to older adults facing housing insecurity. In exchange, homeowners receive benefits such as tenant screening, timely rent, and landlord support.

How does the program work?

Eligible homeowners undergo a screening process to assess programmatic fit, landlord fit, and ADU quality. Once accepted into the program, homeowners are matched with a qualified tenant who pays a predetermined rental rate. Selected homeowners and tenants agree to participate in the program for five years. Homeowners receive reliable rent and additional benefits from participating in the program. 

The program process has been designed to ensure a safe, easy, and efficient experience for interested homeowners.

Does the program offer any construction or financing assistance to homeowners building ADUs?

No, this program does not offer ADU building or financing assistance. We encourage you to visit the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety ADU web page for answers to your ADU building questions.

When will the next application cycle open?

Due to the high levels of interest in the program, the program has reached its capacity and we are no longer accepting additional homeowners. The application will re-open if additional spots become available. 

Who is eligible to apply to the program?

To be eligible to apply to the LA ADU Accelerator Program, homeowners must: 

  1. Own a residential property in the City of Los Angeles, and

  2. Have an existing, legally permitted ADU with a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), or be in the process of receiving a C of O.

Are homeowners in Los Angeles County or unincorporated areas of Los Angeles eligible to apply?

No. Unfortunately, as this program is sponsored by the City of Los Angeles, only homeowners with properties in the City of Los Angeles are eligible to apply. Please refer to ZIMAS to see if your property is located in the City of Los Angeles.

Can homeowners apply before their ADU is complete or if their ADU is currently occupied?

Yes. In their application, a homeowner in the process of building their ADU should note the anticipated completion date. Similarly, homeowners with existing tenants should note when they expect their ADU to be vacant.

Does the program offer any tax breaks, such as for annual property taxes?



How much do homeowners receive in rent?

Homeowners receive the following monthly rental payments for their units:

  • Studio ADU — $1,369

  • One-bedroom ADU — $1,765

  • Two-bedroom ADU — $2,263

  • Three-bedroom ADU — $2,735


Who are the prospective tenants?

Older Angelenos spend a large share of their incomes on housing, and low-income earners above age 62 are among those most struggling to keep up with rising costs. Through the LA ADU Accelerator Program, the City of Los Angeles will increase affordable housing access for these residents. For more information on tenant eligibility requirements, please visit our tenant page.

How does someone become an eligible tenant?

Tenants are referred to the program through our partner service provider or through applying on our website. Please visit our tenant page for more information.

If the ADU can house more than one tenant, how is occupancy determined?

Our partner service provider will screen and match all tenants to ensure that they can live together compatibly in the ADU.

Can homeowners house a family member through this program?

No, homeowners cannot house a family member through this program. However, if your family member meets the tenant eligibility criteria, we encourage you to refer them to the program through our website, and they may be housed in another unit. We can also connect them with our partner service provider so they can access additional services and resources. Please visit our tenant page for more information.