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This program is currently closed and is not accepting new applications.


The City of Los Angeles wants to ensure all Angelenos have affordable, safe and decent housing. To keep our city inclusive and help create a healthy and stable future for all, we started the LA ADU Accelerator Program. 

Made possible by the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge, the LA ADU Accelerator Program pairs older adults with homeowners willing to provide a stable home by offering their accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as rentals. In exchange, homeowners receive benefits such as qualified tenant referrals, tenant case management, and stable rental payments. 


The LA ADU Accelerator Program

The LA ADU Accelerator Program is a one-stop-shop for homeowners interested in renting their ADUs to older adults as affordable rentals.

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Homeowner Benefits

The LA ADU Accelerator Program handles nearly every step of the rental process, from finding a tenant to ensuring stable rent payments. The program provides participants with the following benefits:

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The program process will take homeowners approximately three months from application submission to tenant move-in.

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Qualified tenant applicants undergo a rigorous screening and selection process before we recommend them to homeowners.

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Our tenants are willing to participate in the program for five years, providing homeowners with a secure and long-term tenancy.

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The program screens tenants to ensure they can afford monthly rent payments and have a track record for paying rent on time.

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Each homeowner receives a dedicated case manager to provide landlord support throughout the five-year term.

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By participating in the LA ADU Accelerator Program, homeowners increase L.A.’s affordable housing stock and do their part to keep the city livable for all Angelenos.

“Our housing affordability crisis demands that we get creative. If just 10% of the city's 500,000 single family homes had an Accessory Dwelling Unit, Los Angeles could increase its housing density by half in just a handful of years. Most notably, this could be done without altering the character of a neighborhood.”


An accessory dwelling unit (ADU)—also known as a granny flat or backyard home—is a secondary residential unit on a property with a proposed or existing home.


The LA ADU Accelerator Program partners with homeowners to rent their accessory dwelling units to older adults facing housing insecurity. In exchange, homeowners receive benefits such as tenant screening, timely rent, and landlord support.


By increasing affordable housing access for older Angelenos, the City of Los Angeles hopes more older adults are able to age in place to create a stable and healthy future for all.


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