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This program is currently closed and is not accepting new applications.


The LA ADU Accelerator Program partners with homeowners to rent their accessory dwelling units to older adults facing housing insecurity. In exchange, homeowners receive benefits such as tenant screening, timely and competitive rent, and landlord support. 

How the Program Works for Homeowners

Eligible homeowners undergo a screening process to assess programmatic fit, landlord fit, and ADU quality. Once accepted into the program, homeowners are matched with a qualified tenant who pays a predetermined rental rate. Selected homeowners and tenants agree to participate in the program for five years. Homeowners receive reliable rent and additional benefits from participating in the program. 

The program process has been designed to ensure a safe, easy, and efficient experience for interested homeowners.

The program is not currently accepting applications.

Program Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply to the LA ADU Accelerator Program, homeowners must: 

  1. Own a residential property in the City of Los Angeles, and

  2. Have an existing, legally permitted ADU with a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), or be in the process of receiving a C of O.

To check whether your property is within the City of Los Angeles, input your address into ZIMAS

Homeowner Benefits

The LA ADU Accelerator Program is a one-stop-shop for homeowners interested in renting their ADUs. Whether homeowners are first-time or experienced landlords, they’ll find the program beneficial at nearly every step of the rental process.

Graphic Image of an Application

The program process will take homeowners approximately three months from application submission to tenant move-in.

Graphic Image of Tenant Matching

Qualified tenant applicants undergo a rigorous screening and selection process before we recommend them to homeowners.

Graphic of Tenant Turnover

Our tenants are willing to participate in the program for five years, providing homeowners with a secure and long-term tenancy.

Graphic of Rent on Time

The program screens tenants to ensure they can afford monthly rent payments and have a track record for paying rent on time.

Graphic of a Case Manager

Each homeowner receives a dedicated case manager to provide landlord support throughout the five-year term.

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By participating in the LA ADU Accelerator Program, homeowners increase L.A.’s affordable housing stock and do their part to keep the city livable for all Angelenos.

Program Steps

To apply, all eligible homeowners must complete the following steps:

Application Graphic

Complete a written application to determine your eligibility for the program. You may complete this application even when your ADU is not vacant. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Interview Graphic

Interview with the LA ADU Accelerator Program team to assess how you align with the program’s values.

Screening Graphic

Undergo a background check and a site visit to your ADU.

Tenant Selection Graphic

Select your preferred tenant from a pool of qualified tenants matched with you.

Move In Graphic
Good Relationship Graphic

Gain valuable landlord support by engaging with your designated case manager.

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Share how you are helping Los Angeles become a better place for all residents.